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drop_greenGoat saves otherwise discarded building materials and finds new projects that need those materials. In so doing, we save the energy raw materials, and other natural resources wasted when useful materials are tossed away.

greenGoat specializes in residential construction, but we save any project money by scrutinizing and managing waste streams.

Amy Director of the Company started the non-profit when she was working on a kitchen project in my own home and recognized the cost and waste of removing and tossing materials in the dumpster and purchasing replacement materials. She believed there was a better way to redistribute the materials, keeping them out of landfills and into the hands of other homeowners who were upcycling and salvaging instead of dumping and trashing.

 why the greenGoat name and logo?

Well, goats eat pretty much everything, and going green pretty much sums up what greenGoat is all about: “saving more than money.” 

Where can you find greenGoat? The warehouse is in a beautiful turn-of-the-century mill building in Lawrence, MA. It is not a pretty retail outlet, it’s a down and dusty warehouse packed with amazing finds, every one with its own unique story. To visit this salvage nirvana, you need to reach out to me to make an appointment to visit for yourself.

Also, you can “like” greenGoat on Facebook or sign up for their email blasts to be notified about upcoming demos at thegoat@greengoat.org.

Meet Team

Meet our team members
Humza Arshad

Humza Arshad

Marketing Manager
Amy Bauman

Amy Bauman

After years of cost benefit calculations at Fidelity, she applied those skills to green building and preservation. Manage greenGoat that helps owners, licensed architects, and design firms specializing in green building to redirect useful building materials to new projects.
Ahmad Ali Awan

Ahmad Ali Awan

Project Manager