The adverse economies of scale in residential C&D waste streams leave regulators and vendors alike wringing their hands. As a result the residential C&D waste stream has been largely ignored. The homeowners were
determined to recover as much as possible before their home was demolished, and greenGoat listened to the promise of breaking through historic barriers in the residential market.
greenGoat scheduled tours of the home with community development leaders, salvage operations, and even a few landscapers to maximize salvage. Everyone liked what they saw; the kitchen and bathrooms were nicely outfitted, and many items were claimed quickly. Many items were scheduled for de-installation within a week. Others, like flooring, plants, the stone walkway pictured to the right, and the stone façade needed special arrangements.
By the end of the project, over $9,000 in materials had been recovered for reuse, and a grateful homeowner had less to

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